28-29 November, IV Leftist Lawyers’ Forum

28-29 November

Juan Muñiz Zapico Confderal Syndical School

Calle Longares, 6. 28022 Madrid.

Metro: “Las Musas” station (Line 7) Bus: EMT Bus Lines 48, 38 y 140

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Once again, the United Left and the Foundation for a Europe of the Citizens will collaborate to hold a state meeting of the Leftist Lawyers’ Forum, which takes as its fundamental objective to establish a space in which leftist lawyers and jurists can develop social dedication in an organized form. Furthermore, this meeting space of the lawyers seeks to disseminate its knowledge and to add juridical elements to the political programme of the transformative left.

In this fourth state meeting, we will discuss various topics of frequent occurrence in the social and political life of our country and in regarding which our colleagues have carried out crucial work, as much social as juridical and institutional. We will also discuss which proposals we can develop in each area of discussion, with the hope of putting these at the service of the society at large.

With this in mind, the first discussion will deal with the recovery of privatised political services, or of those which threaten to become so. This discussion will rely upon the experience of various colleagues who have worked with the process of paralysing privatisations or reversion to the public.

In the next presentation, we will discuss corruption and its incidence within the rule of law, especially in those aspects which can help to get to the bottom of the penal consequences relevant to allegations of close relations between political power and business power, such as democratic fraud and allegations of the illegal finance of political forces. Furthermore, in this presentation, we will work to bring to the table legal arguments that will serve to prevent this alleged activity.

The third discussion table will have as its objective the dissemination of tools for the defence of workers’ and social rights in the European and international environments and their practical translation to the daily work of lawyers in the courts of our country.

In the fourth presentation of the meeting, we will discuss the new, repressive framework that is being developed by the current government with the reforms of the Penal Code, the Public Safety law, and the Immigration law, putting on the table the juridical and legal consequences that these reforms will have on the population and the defence that these lawyers will have to develop.

Finally, in order to continue the development of our method of organizing, coordinating, and bettering the work of the forum from all points of the State, we will take on organizational questions regarding the Forum and work done online.


Friday, 28 November

Afternoon Block: 17:00 – 20:00


1st.- Presentation of the Meeings. The Federal leadership of the UL and the President of the FEC will be present.


2nd.- Recovery of Public Services for the Societal Majority: The cases of health, water, and cleaning services.


Raúl Maíllo, Lawyer of the FRAVM and social activist

José Luis Sánchez, ex-manager of the Municipal Waste Company of Puente Genil (Córdoba) and judicial consultand with the Mayor’s Office of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)

Miguel Ángel Muga, Lawyer of he Association of Experts and Specialists of Madrid


Saturday, 29 November

Morning Block: 10:00-14:00


1st.- Proection of workers’ rights in the European and international environments. Social Charter, Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights, United Nations.


Adoración Guamán, Professor of Labour Law at the University of Valencia.

Micol Savia, representative of IADL on the Committee of Human Rights in Geneva.

Moderator: Miguel Ángel Garrido, lawyer


Coffee break.


2nd.- The new, repressive framework: The reforms of the Penal Code, the Public Safety law (and the Immigration law)


Victoria Rossell, chief justice of the 8th Magistrate’s Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Antonio Segura, lawyer.

Concepción Sáez. Judicial secretary and spokesperson of the General Council on Judicial Power

2:00: Lunch


Afternoon Block: 16:00-19:00


3rd.- Prersecution and prevention of crimes of corruption. 

Enrique Santiago, Lawyer of Querella Bárcenas.

Manuel Maroto, Professor of Penal Law at the University of Castilla – La Mancha

Modera: María Espinosa. Lawyer and representative to the Assembly of Madrid.


4th.- Organization and Forum of Lawyers: internal function, extensión of work through international networks. International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy. Discussion and debate.

Coordinators: Andrés Fariñas, Juan Moreno y Elena Vázquez.