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Change Europe: Political and Social Confluences for a Europe in Crisis

Change Europe: Political and Social Confluences for a Europe in Crisis

The FEC announces the book “Change Europe: Political and Social Confluences for a Europe in Crisis”

The past five years of the “government of the Troika” have shown the necessity of a political and social convergence of the transformative forces of all of Europe. Faced with this neoliberal offensive, against the political hegemony of capitalist finance, the societal majority has a decidedly urgent need of coordinated reaction. We must react, definitively, as a majority against the anti-social, capitalist politics. We must react constructing a great social and political alliance to resist and combat capitalism and its political representatives. We must react to create an alternative, to Change Europe as a broad political and social confluence, solidary and plural.

This book intends to contribute to this necessity of popular reaction through critical analysis. In Change Europe, the political and social confluences needed to begin in reality a process of radical transformation are explored. Such would be a profound transformation that requires strategies of collective action and the recombination of the social struggle for the building of a Constitutional Alternative on a European and national scale.

Change Europe is the fruit of a collaboration between the Foundation for a Europe of the Citizens (FEC), Malabá Editions and the Atrapasueños Editors. This is not an “electoral” book, even though its publication coincides with the beginning of the 2014 electoral campaign. Inspiring social and political alliances, of European reach, with the capacity for real impact in European politics, is a long-term strategy, and the discussion about political change in Europe should not, cannot, be worn out in the electoral process.

The following collaborated in this book:

Alexis Tsipras, Pierre Laurent, Walter Baier, Elisabeth Gauthier, Haris Golemis, André Tosel, Michael Brie, Maite Mola Sainz, Antón Borja Álvarez, Ignacio Zubiri Oria, Adoración Guamán Hernández, Pedro Chaves Giraldo, Manuel Monereo Pérez, Carlos Portomeñe Pérez, Javier Doz Orrit, Mireia Rovira Adalid, Marga Ferré Luparia, Raúl García Martín, Xabier Jiménez López, Lorena Vicioso Adrià, Unai Sordo Calvo, José María González Suárez & Jaime Aja Valle,

Besides the first ten candidates of the Pluralist Left for the European Elections of May, 2014:

Willy Meyer Pleite, Paloma López Bermejo, Ernest Urtasun Domenech, Marina Albiol Guzmán, Lidia Senra Rodríguez, Ángela Vallina de la Noval, Javier Couso Permuy, Tasio Oliver Palomo, Nuria Lozano Montoya & Lara Hernández García.

In total, 31 articles make up a complete, general panorama of the complex European situation and the alternatives of the social and political left to Change Europe.

If you would like to acquire the book for sale in bookstores and/or in private, you can contact the Editor Atrapasueños:

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