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Fourth Technical Conference of Documentation, Politics, and Activism

Fourth Technical Conference of Documentation, Politics, and Activism

Each year, ACAL prepares to celebrate a Technical Conference about certain aspects that might awaken an interest in the development of the archivists’ profession. This year’s conference will be dedicated to, “Documentation, politics, and activism.” In this conference, we propose to reflect upon the archives as political tools, and we mean to analyse the current state of the archives of the principal political organizations (parties and movements).

We will recognize that the knowledge of their documentary contents and the work being done to process these by these archival centres is essential in order to know the state and the memory of Spanish politics. We will also address the fact that the documenting procedures, the work that we do as archivists, can help to promote certain causes and campaigns, to document stories of injustice, and to promote better societies.

This conference will be held in Salamanca on 21 November, 2014, and the sign-up will be free until capacity is reached. For those who would like to obtain a certificate of attendance, there will be a cost of 5 euro for members of the ACAL and 10 euro for non-members.

All information about the programme, the speakers of the conference, and the sign-up form is available at



Conference: The Pablo Iglesias Foundation: Historical archive of Spanish Socialism.
Aurelio Martín Nájera. Archive and Library. Pablo Iglesias Foundation.

Conference: Documentation of Citizen Initiatives and the Circles of Podemos.
Representative of Podemos.
Conference: The Management of Information in UP&D for Security, Efficiency, and Transparency.
Adolfo Villalba. Responsible for the Information Systems of the Union for Progress and Democracy.

Conference: The Historical Archive of the SCP: the Archive of Clandestinity.
Victoria Ramos Bello. Director of the Historical Archive of the Spanish Communist Party.

Conference: Important! No waste. Posters, Banners Archive!!
Agustín. Collaborator of Archive 15M.

Table Discussion: Documentation, Politics, and Activism
Rosa López Alonso, University of Salamanca. Alicia Herreros Cepeda, Historical Archive of the United Left. Aurelio Martín Nájera, Pablo Iglesias Foundation. Victoria Ramos Bello, Historical Archive of the Spanish Communist Party. Adolfo Villalba, Union for Progress and Democracy. Agustín, Archive 15M. Representative, Podemos.