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In Defence of the Commons: The Public is not Sold, it is Defended

In Defence of the Commons: The Public is not Sold, it is Defended

By Francisco Trillo y Jorge García (Coord.)

Prologue by Luis García Montero

242 pg. 15€ © Editorial Bomarzo S.L. ©Malabá Ediciones .- ISBN 978-84-15000-95-2

“If there is something that unifies the nuances, the debates, and the perspectives of this book, it is the consciousness of the fact that the word liberty has a very important social dimension. Much of neoliberal culture has been founded on the desire to erase the social origins of liberty, this is to say, the need of a public space in which to balance, exercise, and defend the right to a certain freedom of will. That which is public is not sold, it is defended, because the citizens cannot be sold, You must defend them, one by one, each solitary person, each waking individual, life by life.”



Francisco Trillo & Jorge García

Some topics concerning the relations between the dismantling of that which is public, the crisis, and salaried employment.

Jorge García López

Notes on the institutionalization of employment, the State, and the socialization of the wage worker.

Alberto Riesco-Sanz

The Social State in times of (great) crisis.

Antonio Baylos

In defence of the Welfare State: myths and falacies of the economic attack against the Welfare State.

Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo

Trade unions as defenders of public services in the framework of the Social State.

Helena Ysàs Molinero

The sense of the egalitarian outlook of the Social State.

Laura Mora Cabello de Alba

Public-private relations, or the privitization of the general interest.

Nunzia Castelli y Francisco Trillo

The false debate about the sustainability of the Social Security system.

Joaquín Aparicio Tovar

Social policies in the exiting of the crisis.

Hector Maravall Gómez-Allende

Workers’ reasons to defend the Welfare State.

Ramón Gorriz Vitalla