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International Meeting of Young Leftists: “Young European Network for Development and Employment”

International Meeting of Young Leftists: “Young European Network for Development and Employment”

This project hopes to build a network of youth associations from diverse corners of the continent, beginning with this event.  A partnership is expected between Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Cypriot organizations.

In these times of great social shortages in terms of employment, we want to promote projects that provoke social and political changes in a manner that is coordinated between entities of diverse European regions, promoting the sense of European integration and the need of cohesion between national elements to form European movements. Furthermore, we consider the participation of youth in democracy to be a priority; in this way, the youth can truly become citizens and activists.

In this way, through a four-day conference dedicated to reflection and dialogue, through roundtable discussions and specific workshops, we will analyse the current situation of our old continent. We will take this analysis as a starting point from which to create a network of contacts and experiences between entities which have a long and solid path of working with youth regarding development, employment, and Europe. We are entities with common interests and objectives, which are progressive, and which we understand through a multidimensional focus that is integral to the actions that we contribute to the construction of a Europe with more rights.

In this grave moment of economic crisis, there is a growing disaffection among the youth in regards to political participation, and there is a growing scepticism among the same about the capacity of institutional operatives to generate job creation mechanisms. In the shadow of this social discouragement, a series of relevant social movements are developing which reject some democratic institutions and political figures. Faced with this situation, it is fundamental to reinforce the European public and to stimulate the participation of the youth in European democracy through a participative dialogue between youth and politicians, in which the latter demonstrate to the former their capacity and will to move beyond this crisis.

Throughout 4 days, organized by the Foundation for a Europe of the Citizens and financed by the Youth in Action Programme, we will have the chance to meet and to debate, with the hope of creating a network of local associations that is able to develop specific projects for youth employment.

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