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The Leftist Lawyers’ Forum debated about corruption, the rule of law, and the fundamental right to housing

The Leftist Lawyers’ Forum debated about corruption, the rule of law, and the fundamental right to housing

The Federal Coordinator of the UL, Cayo Lara, opened this Madrid meeting of law professionals, in which prosecuting lawyers from the “Bárcenas case”, housing experts, and members of progressive associations of judges and attorneys participated.

(Madrid, 14 October, 2013).- The Foundation for a Europe of the Citizens (FEC) contributed for the third consecutive year to the state meeting of the Leftist Lawyers’ Forum, which took place this past Saturday, the 12th, with the theme of ‘For a democratic justice at the service of the societal majority’. This third Forum was opened by the Federal Coordinator of the UL, Cayo Lara, and was divided into distinct blocks in order to discuss the most currently relevant topics.

The goal of this forum – which took place at the Confederal Syndical School of the Workers’ Commission, Juan Muñiz Zapico, in Madrid – is to establish a space in which leftist lawyers and jurists can develop social dedication in an organized form. Furthermore, this meeting space of the lawyers seeks to disseminate its knowledge and to add juridical elements to the political programme of the transformative left.

Among the topics of discussion this year, two stand out as topics of frequent occurrence in the social and political life of our country, regarding which our colleagues have carried out crucial work, as much social as juridical and institutional. Also discussed was the judicial model that we would like to put at the service of the people.

The first presentation addressed different aspects of the fight for the recognition of the right to housing as a fundamental right, as a human right, against capitalist and banking interests.

In the second presentation, the discussion was focused on corruption and its incidence within the rule of law, especially regarding the ‘Bárcenas case’, in which various lawyers of this forum worked as public prosecutors to determine the penal consequences relevant to the case in which close relations between political power and business power were clear, the incidence of said relations in the proliferation of real estate infrastructures and promotion, and the democratic fraud of the alleged illegal finance of political forces. In this presentation, there was an effort to bring to the table legal arguments that would serve to prevent this alleged activity.