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Training Course of the United Left: “There is an Alternative”

Training Course of the United Left: “There is an Alternative”

The current situation places the United left in a historic moment. The crisis by which the majority of workers have been hit so hard demands of everyone the utmost dedication on all fronts of this fight. The current moment, in which the UL is playing an ever more important role, demands also a better training of our members. Perhaps never before has political training and formation been needed as much as in this moment, than in the work that we are to do, in the street and in institutions.

Programme of the Training Course of 2013 (409.8 KB, 1,881 downloads)

With all this in mind, we have prepared a course with a broad programme, organized in plenary sessions and thematic workshops, which will cover diverse training needs. There will be plenary sessions about the programmatic alternative and the politics of alliances of the UL, in which leaders of the UL will participate. Other sessions will include discussions about changing the productive model and new electoral opportunities, and participants in these will include researchers and experts with whom we can discuss our proposals. The heart of the programme will be the 15 simultaneous workshops about organizational and structural themes, in which will we will discuss and inform ourselves about various themes, from the history of the UL to our proposed Employment Plan (see programme). The work that the Areas of the UL are developing will be of great importance in these sessions. All activities will be open; those not signed up may still participate. We ask that you fill out the attached signup ticket with all the requested information, including National Identification Number and the position or responsibility of the participant.


The course is directed toward members, activists, and those with political responsibility or public posts. The allotment of places will be realized by association. Each association will make selections for its grants.


  • MEMBERS: The signup period has been extended to 24 June. It is essential that this process be formalised in order to make the proper arrangements for lodging and food.
  • ASSOCIATIONS: The first selection will be made by the associations, the placements for which the associations send us their signup lists will be finalised on Monday, 24 June.


The FEC provides a variety of aid to guarantee the presence of the most possible people and so that the presence of these be as balanced as possible. They give the following types of aid:

  • Full aid: Paid lodging for Friday and Saturday (in a shared room) and board, along with transportation aid in the amount of 33% of the cost or the distance travelled (0.19 euros/km).
  • For those participants who live outside of Madrid, and who make the journey by car, we will provide you with a form to be filled out with the following information: vehicle registration, distance travelled in kilometers, driver information, and address of residence.
  • Food aid: For those persons of the Madrid association and those who live in Madrid or have lodging in the capital, this covers only board.

Documents for Download

Signup form for the training course of the UL 2013 (40.6 KB, 374 downloads)
Directions to the Training Course of the UL 2013 (834.4 KB, 632 downloads) 
Attendance Criteria and Information (377.6 KB, 429 downloads) 
Programme for the Training Course 2013 (409.8 KB, 1,881 downloads)

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